Confidently build your
Personal Brand & Online Presence that attract more opportunities, customers and growth.

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Founders, CEOs, solopreneurs, B2B business owners, creators and coaches: 

With these 3 calls, you’ll gain the clarity and strategy to stand out, show up on Social Media and become the Go-To Brand in your niche.

Do you know how fast the Make-up line ‘Kylie cosmetics’ exploded for Kylie Jenner?

How about the Cybertruck by Elon Musk that isn’t even in the market but has 1.5 million pre-orders?

Or Mr. Beast who sold out on Hamburger pop-up events that gather over 10.000 people in less than 2 hrs?

This is the power of a Personal Brand, their influence is what fuels their business to expand and impact more people and more opportunities.

You might wonder, “ How can my Personal Brand help my Law Firm? Or your Property Management Business? Or your Lingerie line? Or your Non-Profit?

This is where I come in, we will in the next 3 calls figure out and discover how your Personal Brand can do the same for your business.

“Cristina excels at her career path, she helped me reclaim my spark, put laser beam focus on what I needed to do in the moment and how to do it in order to achieve my goals.”

Rowena, Owner, COO

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“I’ve got a professional, valuable audit in everything I built to launch my offer, I was given specific instruction to reconfigure my website, address my Branding, message and copy. She opened my eyes to see from the clients perspective, she pointed out crucial implications of what I was doing and gave me clear steps to bring my course in to the market. Can’t thank her enough for this guidance and help.”

Leeroy Victor, Risk Management Educator

“Cristina pointed out one of the missing pieces of my brand! She shared her observation, and once I understood, she helped me problem-solve so that I could articulate the missing piece. I 100% recommend working with Cristina.”

Cheri Shappart, CEO at @CoachCheri

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Meet your
brand strategist

HI! I am Cristina, a seasoned  Strategist and Mentor with over 15 years of expertise in Brand and Digital Marketing, mother of three, a community leader, avid networker and a passionate storyteller.

My passion with Personal Branding grew when I needed an additional income stream to support my newly diagnosed autistic son's extensive therapy 5 years ago.

This desperate need lead me into the world of entrepreneurs that were spending resources in sales without getting results nor build a loyal following, where I discovered a remarkable truth: people don't buy services, but the people that offer those services or products.  People buy life style, values, missions, purpose and build the needed trust that goes beyond features, or product details that advertisements and marketing tactics use.

My aha! moment? The immense power of a Personal Brand; a force that can grow your existing business or launch a new one.

My mission now is crystal clear: to help you find your unique superpower, setting you apart in the market. My intention is to reveal to your market that there's no alternative but YOU.

Thru these personalized calls I will equips you with the foundational principles of branding and long term relationship building, empowering you to avoid common pitfalls, strategize effectively, plan meticulously, trust in yourself, make informed decisions, reach your goals, and save precious resources.

If your values align with accountability, integrity, sustainability, and excellence you've found a perfect match. You will be guided on an ongoing journey of learning, growth, and impact. Your message will resonate clearly and boldly.

What’s the catch? My biggest motivator is getting validation, your success is my success so I will hold you accountable and call out on your BS, help you to believe in yourself and push you to never give up.

Are you ready to empower your personal brand and supercharge your business growth?

With our exclusive 3-Call Personal Branding Mastery, you’ll gain the clarity, strategy, and implementation skills you need to stand out and succeed.

Here’s what each call entails:


Marketing Audit

Can your Personal Brand Grow your business?

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Discover the secrets hidden in your current marketing efforts.

In this first call, we’ll:

🔍 Conduct a deep dive into your existing marketing materials.

🔍 Identify areas that may be impacting your personal brand negatively.

🔍 Provide concrete recommendations for immediate improvements.

🔍 Set the stage for a laser-focused brand strategy.

Discover the power of your existing assets and set the foundation for personal branding success.

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Brand Definition

What are we going to show?

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It’s time to define your brand with crystal clarity.

In this transformative call, we’ll:

🔑 Craft a compelling personal brand statement.

🔑 Explore the ‘What’ – what you offer.

🔑 Define the ‘Who’ – your target audience.

🔑 Discover the ‘Why’ – your passion and purpose.

🔑 Establish your ‘Purpose’, learn tofind your customer’s journey.

🔑 Dig in the ‘Differentiators’. Find the story that makes you unforgettable, relatable and desirable to work with.

Walk away with a powerful brand story that sets you apart, resonates with your audience, and fuels your mission.


Brand Implementation

What are the steps we need to take to see growth?

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Your brand is now defined, it’s time to unleash its full potential.

In this action-packed call, we’ll:

🚀 Discuss strategies to integrate your personal brand into all your marketing materials.

🚀 Break down the implementation process into actionable steps.

🚀 Empower you to confidently implement your brand across multiple platforms.

🚀 Ensure you’re equipped to measure success and make necessary adjustments.

With the tools and knowledge gained in this call, you'll be ready to conquer the market with your authentic, powerful personal brand.

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For Business owners looking to grow impact, improve business revenue and grow their online presence.

Start generating the money that you desire and deserve, without excessive overthinking.

🌟 Why Choose Our 3-Call Package? 🌟

17 YEARS of Expertise: Benefit from hands on  experience and proven track record in personal branding and Digital Marketing.

Tailored Solutions: I customize strategies to your unique goals, ensuring your brand reflects your vision.

Immediate Impact: Start implementing positive changes to your brand and marketing from day one.

Long-Term Success: Craft a vision and strategy for sustained growth for both; brand and business

Ongoing Support: I am with you every step of the way, providing accountability, feedback and support beyond the calls.


Not ready to dive in so fast? Or not sure if this is the right direction to take?

Get clarity and overcome the mental blocks that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential. Let’s discuss if highlighting your Personal Brand is what you need to start growing the business you desire and deserve, without excessive overthinking and testing.

Ready to build your personal brand and accelerate your business growth?

Your brand is your superpower
-Let's get recognized, become memorable and grow impact and revenue🚀