8-Week Coaching

60minute weekly call, 8 weeks.

Together we will walk on an intentional journey to develop your…

Finally start your dream business but not only that, I want you to start and stick with it this time!

At this stage, you’ll be doing the inner work. You’ll learn my signature method to clarifying your passions and connecting the dots between them. You’ll uncover your true calling, your soul gifts, and identify your soul tribe (the people you’re meant to serve with your talents and passions). You’ll connect to your highest purpose as a human being, and find a life-changing alignment with your life calling.

This will make you fall in-love with the brand your building & create the impact you want to create!

At this stage, you’ll be doing the explorer work. You’ll learn my processes to find relevant information about your soul tribe, and collect relevant data about your industry or niche, your ideal person’s needs, and the available solutions on the market, so you can identify the potential gap to fill with your upcoming offer, and find the perfect positioning strategy for your brand in the marketplace.

You’ll be able to communicate what you are about as a multi-passionate person with ease without feeling fake.

At this stage, you’ll be doing the builder work. Following my formula, you’ll define your signature value proposition as a Holistic Personal Brand, and build your own signature framework, your offer strategy, and your profit plan to make sure what you create meets the financial goals you need to build the life of your dreams while remaining aligned to your calling and making a true impact in your people’s lives.

Know exactly who your talking to like the back of your hand.

At this stage, you’ll be doing the nurturer work. Following my signature content strategy method for personal brands, you’ll craft a relevant and consistent content strategy for your personal brand and offer, so you can start the conversation with your people, and grow a soul audience of ideal people for your offer. You’ll also start testing your offer, methodically, so you can validate it before creating it, and start collecting real-time data to improve your signature offer.

At this stage, you’ll be doing the outer work. You’ll work on anything visual branding identity, from your own personal style to your branding style, taking your energy spectrum into consideration to make sure the visual identity you create is fully aligned with your energy essence. From your social media to your website, and to your personal style, you’ll define and create an outstanding visual identity that expresses the language of your soul, and aligns with your brand positioning, and to your soul mission.

This is where we create content that truly aligns with who YOU ARE & helps you attract clients through Instagram without pitching!

At this stage, you’ll be doing the healer work. Following my processes, you will fine-tune the last touches to deliver your offer and start changing your people’s lives. This is also where you’ll craft a solid strategy to scale your signature offer, and brainstorm on developing a Soul Offer Suite™ — Possible complementary offers you could bring to your soul business platform as you grow.  At this stage, you officially take over your role as a healer, a soul leader,  and set the stage to develop and scale your soul business platform.

This is how you create the life you want by developing services & offers that feel right to you and that will bring you the money you need!

We will create a plan for you to continue attracting clients through Instagram and converting them into clients.

By the end of the 8 weeks you will have knowledge you can implement on:


By the end of the 8 weeks you will be ready to launch or rebrand yourself and your business with more clarity, having actionable steps and a strategy that will drive traffic and bring results.

Let's bring your brand to life!