Be the Go-To Expert in your Industry.

Branding Entrepreneurs to get recognized, remembered and be chosen to work with.

Don't you feel like no one gets you? 

Are you having a hard time getting people to understand WHAT ON EARTH you actually do? Do you want to clarify your message and build authority to open opportunities and grow your business?

Stand out as a Brand.

- Attract those that need your help
- Differentiate yourself and get recognized
- Develop yourself into a Brand that people trust and can be loyal to

Show Up Consistently, Build Authority and get more Loyal Clients

You've got 5+years of experience and are a CEO of a business or a solopreneur.

You get most of your business through referrals, but wish more people knew who you were and what you do.

Let’s create a combination of strategies, revisit your goals,  lay proper foundations and build your Brand from the ground up so all your marketing, networking and sale efforts give you results

Your services won’t be drowned in a sea of confusion and multiple offers because we will study yourself and the market to craft the message you need so your clients know when and how to find you.

We will find this zone of genius together.

Janet Aspen Pharmacy

"I not only ended up with a beautiful site but I got to learn valuable knowledge on how to attract more customers and branding my business."

I have learned so much about the value of marketing collaterals such as social media, branding, website, logos.

Andrea @FitlifeMethod

"This is the first time in 15 years that my program and branding is a match."

Because I was never truly clear. I am so thrilled with the results I see. Perfect!

Sharon Copywriter at Virtual Miracle

"When I spoke to Cristina, she instinctively knew the challenges I felt and she was able to explain them better to me than I could to myself."

This is what makes her an incredible branding strategist and gifted empath. And by knowing how to describe your client's pain even better than they do, you will gain their trust.

Tomi @Oneyoungwife

"I was sincerely praying to God for a branding strategist who would truly understand my niche and help me clarify my messaging."

Cristina did that for me, I feel absolutely confident that I would be able to articulate my brand eloquently moving forward.

Daryl A2 Tom Ciezki Agencies

"Cristina is someone who will go the extra mile in helping business owners navigate through the social media marketing maze."

In working with Cristina I was able to see her passion and knowledge, she guides you in helping determine which marketing and branding strategy will best meet the business owners needs. In addition, her strong work effort shines in everything she does. This is a winning combination that makes you a valuable partner any business owner would want.


"I find, in my field, the best customer service is persistence without nagging about doing something. Cristina didnt 'sell' me anything, she simply solved my issues."

I appreciate that we are building a relationship that continues to be mutually beneficial with new answers to my new questions and problems related to the business. I never once felt she was " too busy" for me and communication just flowed simply because she is easy to talk to. She gets it. We have our name in more big players hands. We have more people reaching out to all our marketing efforts and we are more confident grabbing work because we know the marketing was done right.

This is for you, if you desire to:


" I was amazed at the high level of respect she extends and receives amongst industry peers and was quickly able to understand how she is so successful in fostering creative ways to market your business and build a sense of community within her networks."

Cristina was referred to me and after only our first zoom I immediately felt her positive energy, was impressed at the wealth of knowledge she had to share and felt an immediate connection and comfort level to share my vision. Our calls to follow only reaffirmed that my business, my passion, was in the best possible hands and that Cristina was who I needed to guide me, keep me accountable and elevate my studio and brand. Cristina always welcomes owner input/vision and promptly replies to every and any question that you might have. Her direction and guidance reduces stress and anxiety associated with being a small business owner and guides you through each and every step of the process while keeping you focused and driven. While attending events with Cristina I was amazed at the high level of respect she extends and receives amongst industry peers and was quickly able to understand how she is so successful in fostering creative ways to market your business and build a sense of community within her networks. I respect, admire and highly recommend Cristina with her high level of professionalism, skill set and passion knowing that her services remain essential to the continued growth and success of my business.

Celeste Castillo Celestial Body Sculpting

"Cristina helped me reclaim my spark, put laser beam focus on what I needed to do in the moment and how to do it in order to achieve my goals.."

She is an inspiration as a entrepreneur, mom and a person that thrives for excellence, which is reflected in all her work and the way she build her people around her.

Rowena Cui PlanIt Sound

"Cristina has been the breath of knowledge & experience I needed to get the vision for my brand up and running."

During our initial discovery call, I fell in love with her passion and her expertise. She is laser focused on results and has brought the right mix of people together to super charge my brand and it's image. Her communication and honesty throughout this project has been refreshing as I have come to trust her perspective immensely. Even prior to launch, I can feel results of her work & recommendations culminating into a strong image. I plan to continue to engage Cristina for her services as I believe she has been instrumental in the success of this project.

Magdalena Stoppa Ouander

" I hired Cristina to help me out with my re branding, I had to change my name for legal issues and didn't know where and how to start."

I am so happy that I hired Cristina to help me out with my re branding. I was served a letter stating that I had to change my name and it scared me because I didn't even know where to start. I contacted Cristina after a friend recommended me to her and told her about what I needed and that I didn't know what to do. She was amazing!! She sat down with me and went over what I wanted and showed me options. Everything was well organized and professional. It was an amazing experience and I am so happy with the outcome I highly recommend Christina!! She can help you with your business!

Krista Mendez Hola Hola Spanish

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Hello !

It’s me, a mother of 3 amazing children, branding strategist with over 15 years of hands-on experience working with entrepreneurs.

You might be feeling overwhelmed with various social media platforms, website templates, and tons of name and logo ideas, even mood boards. 

Do you have a website that you don’t like, doesn’t explain who you are and don’t use because it doesn’t represent you at all? 

Have you felt like other digital marketing people just don’t get you? or that they didn’t listen enough?

You know you are here to make a change, you want to show who you are, stand out so they choose you, but HOW?  Explaining what you do seems hard and people are confused about what you actually do.

Many of my clients felt this way before starting to work with me.

While working in corporate for 12 years, I saw many entrepreneurs come with their business, excited to show them to the world but leaving disappointed for three reasons: they couldn’t explain exactly what they wanted, their story and ideas were not understood and they didn’t have a clear direction of what steps to take. They were given generic cookie-cutter solutions and put on a production line of marketing collaterals that would give profit to the agency but not to the clients themselves.

I left the agency to start my own way of helping clients with their marketing to get results and long term loyal clients via holistic Branding.

My mission is simple, to show you what YOUR superpower is, so that you can differentiate yourself from the market, stand out and show that there isn’t any other alternative, but YOU. Get recognized, be memorable and be chosen!

My goal is to guide clients with the foundation of branding and marketing, giving them the tools and directions they need to avoid errors, strategize, plan, make proper and informed decisions and reach their goals.

I want to work with those who stick to their values, those that pursue their passions to create an impact in other people’s lives and don’t like being put in a box or following a generic guideline.

You will be guided to continue learning, expanding and growing while you are helping many more. I will help you dig deep, find your superpower and Personal Brand because this as your unique special differentiator. This will be the reason why people will choose to work with you.

Let me help you deliver and amplify your voice and message thru a strategic Personal Brand.

Together, we can bring your brand to life so that it is easy to show up, stand out, and attract the right people.

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